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May 12, 2015

shutterstock_189323945There are common web design mistakes that can really ruin a user’s experience on a webpage. Although some designers may overlook these issues, these kinds of mistakes can lead to lost traffic, customer frustration, and reduced business. Here are some of the most common web design mistakes and why they can negatively impact the user’s experience.

The Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Difficult To Sign Up Or Register

Oftentimes, users want to quickly sign-up for a website to stay informed about updates, product offerings, and newsletters. Unfortunately, some webpages make registration a lengthy process that many users don’t want to bother with.

This can ultimately lead users to actually prematurely end the registration process, meaning web owners are missing out on leads and building a community of contacts receptive to product or service offers. You can gather more information from users as your relationship develops, but in the beginning try to just snag a user’s name and e-mail address to hook them in.

A Lack Of Navigation Features

Many websites offer poor navigation features or simply not enough. Be sure to make sure navigation buttons are consistently located in the same areas on each page, that alt text is used as well as images, there are no broken links, and that users can find what they want in three clicks or less.

If your website doesn’t have a search function, users may also be frustrated when they can’t find exactly what they want quickly. This is especially important for websites that are packed with a lot of blog posts, product information, and large amounts of data. It’s also a good idea to offer advanced filter options within search in order to provide a smoother user experience.

Distracting and Cluttered Pages

Users want a layout that doesn’t confuse them or leave them unable to find the information they want quickly. That means using the right balance of images, text and graphics to keep users from getting turned off. Effective whitespace helps build some tranquility into a webpage design and keep users focused on reading and interacting with your website. Fonts should also sharply contrast with the background of a page in order for users to see information clearly. Reducing clutter and offering a simple layout are web design principles that too many sites simply don’t follow.

Your Website Isn’t Compatible With All Browsers And Devices

Often, a website can look great on one browser and turn into a mess on another. Many websites also tend to look great on a laptop or PC, but then fail to function properly on mobile devices like phones or tablets. That’s why it’s important that your website is optimized for many different platforms and devices. Otherwise, you may be missing out on a large amount of visitors and customers.

While these web design mistakes are common, they are ultimately unacceptable when it comes to a pleasing user experience. Thankfully, CompuSmart Solutions takes every aspect of web design seriously, and enjoys delivering a great user experience for clients in and around the New York area.



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