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June 09, 2015

shutterstock_148423967Web design and the user experience are closely intertwined, with one relying on the other to deliver users what they really want. When it comes to proper web design, the user experience needs to be considered during each step of the design process. When someone comes to your website, they want a user experience that makes them want to return your website on a regular basis. Here are a few ways that web design and the user experience depend on one another to provide your visitors with a great impression.

The User Experience Is Hidden In Web Design Details

A friendly user experience is a fundamental element of web design. However, despite its importance, there are still many websites that don’t appeal enough to users, which leads to lost business, lower traffic and missed leads. It’s important that your website doesn’t use too many different fonts, offers a clear contrast between text and the site’s background, and features navigation buttons that are easy to find and uniform across the site. These might seem like small details, but they add up quickly when a user is judging your website.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Website is Key

A key element of a winning web design involves offering a website that is pleasing to the eye. That means less clutter on the page, smart use of graphics and photos, and a consistent design across the website. A website shouldn’t only provide quality information, but should also provide it in an easy to read format. That means text is delivered in easy to understand chunks, incorporates images to break up text, and colorful block quotes that help users take away key points. The good news is that all of these design elements  also improve the user experience at the same time.

A Clear Design With Users In Mind

It’s important that your website translates the value it offers to users almost immediately. Users don’t want to take a long time signing up for an e-mail list, purchasing a new product, or spend a valuable time searching for how they can contact your company by phone or e-mail. With a clear design, users can delve deeper into your website’s features in an intuitive manner that makes them walk away with a professional opinion of your company and what it offers.

The User Experience Is Going Mobile

A web design that wants to please the user also needs to be able to display perfectly on a wide variety of mobile platforms. Mobile users don’t want to go to a website that doesn’t load on their device properly. This makes it difficult to explore navigation features, read content, and use your website’s tools. In essence, web design greatly affects every element of the user experience on mobile, and web designers need to plan ahead to make sure it’s a pleasant one.

At CompuSmart Solutions, we understand the relationship between web design and the user experience, and make sure every site we build provides an amazing user experience.