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August 05, 2015

Many companies are seeking custom software to drive growth and solve their biggest challenges. Unfortunately, the actual process of creating custom software can become a significant challenge in itself. That’s why it’s important to understand the roadblocks that can arise during custom software development as well as potential ways to overcome these roadblocks. Here are 5 problems you might encounter during the custom software development process as well as some tips on how to overcome them. shutterstock_195170627

A Lack Of Expertise

Often, your in-house team will set to work on a custom software development solution only to realize during the process that they simply lack the know-how to complete the project. Unfortunately, custom software projects are often beyond the abilities of many businesses, and even in-house teams that deliver a final product may deliver one full of bugs and other issues.

One potential solution is to turn to an outside custom software provider like CompuSmart Solutions that has the experience creating custom software solutions for a wide variety of clients. CompuSmart Solutions has a dedicated software development team that draws on a wide variety of talent to deliver a final comprehensive and professional product.

An Unclear Vision

Custom software development can be a time-consuming process, which means proper planning and a clear vision is necessary. Custom software should provide value to a business, help generate revenue, and make life easier for employees and management alike. All too often companies aren’t exactly sure what they want from a custom software solution or decide that they want too many features that don’t help their core business succeed. Approaching custom software in a vague manner is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why it’s important to work with a custom software developer from the beginning who can help you translate what a finished product should look like and what value it can provide. From there, a clear framework with the necessary features and solutions can develop that everyone can be happy with.

A Lack of Communication

The software development process requires clear communication at all times.  A clear vision is necessary, but that’s not to say that priorities don’t change over time. Regardless of whether you choose an in-house strategy or seek an outside expert like CompuSmart Solutions, it’s important that you’re involved at each step in the process. This helps you determine whether progress is going in the right direction, whether the required features are being implemented on time, and whether you need to drop or add features as the software takes shape.

Projects That Fail To Arrive On Time

Many of the previous challenges help explain why custom software projects can be delayed, and many of the solutions like proper planning and proper communication can help a project arrive on time. However, a custom 
shutterstock_235434487 software development team should also deliver a general time frame of a project, helping you understand how progress should proceed. This step will help breakdown the timeline of features, when beta software will be delivered, and give you an idea of how long quality testing will take.

Cost Control

Judging the overall cost of a custom software package is tricky to judge. However, it’s clear that you need to work closely with your custom software development team to obtain a cost estimate from the beginning.  There also needs to be room for additional costs in case you decide on adding extra features or want to speed up the software development timeline.

Often, a custom software development expert like CompuSmart Solutions is your best bet. CompuSmart Solutions has worked on a variety of projects, which allows our team to accurately gauge what kind of time and budget is necessary for a successful project. In addition, CompuSmart Solutions can implement “best practice” and lean development cost saving measures. We’ve established these strategies over the years to deliver a great product for the right price.

Ultimately, if you’re interested in creating a custom software development solution for your company, get in touch with CompuSmart Solutions for an expert evaluation and cost quote. We recognize the challenges of custom software development and we’re there to overcome each one to help your company.