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April 15, 2015

The following excerpt is from an article found on Mashable. It was written by Lindsay Rothfeld. 

Perhaps you have that next great idea — a mobile app itch you need to scratch. Well, don’t we all? It’s how you go about putting that idea into action that really matters.

That’s why Mashable sat down with mobile guru and founder of product development company FueledRameet Chawla, and asked him what special ingredients are necessary for building a successful app. “What’s going to determine success isn’t the added polish, but what the app is doing,” Chawla says. “If you aren’t adding value to the user experience, then it won’t end up being a popular app.”

Rameet Chawla is a man of many apps. Fueled has helped develop apps for QuizUpAfterlightKeymeJackThreads and Barney’s New York, to name a few. “Right now I have six screens,” he says as he scrolls through his phone. “I typically start fresh when I buy a new phone, and I get a new phone every year. When I max our my screen, I create folders. I have no organizational structure. The apps are ordered in the order I downloaded them…unless it’s on my home screen. Home screen is specific”

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