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April 10, 2015

Mobile users account for the majority of the web browsing these days and this trend is only growing, yet many businesses have not optimized their website for smartphones or tablets. If your website hasn’t been modernized in this way it will most certainly leave your business at a disadvantage by compromising the user experience, and this will cause customers to migrate from your site with limited information and maximum frustration.

A professionally designed, responsive experience, is widely recognized as essential for delivering a site that looks great and is productive on every device. Here is what you need to know about responsive website design and how it can help benefit your business.

Basics About Responsive Design

Many websites aren’t designed with mobile in mind. Responsive design automatically adjusts your website into mobile format, which means users don’t have to struggle with a lot of scrolling, resizing, and panning out to read the content available on your website. Essentially, this responsive design measures the type of screen that’s being used, and then provides content based on the screen parameters in the optimal format.

Responsive design accomplishes this goal by incorporating proportion-based grid patterns; fluid design principles that help automatically readjust content, and images that rescale to fit within any mobile medium. Not to get too technical, but responsive design uses CSS media queries to help height, width and other parameters to ensure a mobile user gets the perfect view of your website no matter what kind of mobile device they’re using.

Exploring The Benefits Of Responsive Design

Responsive design can help improve virtually any website to appear consistent no matter the screen-size of your desktop or laptop. It also assists mobile users enabling them to quickly scroll through content, products and services in an easy to understand format. Without responsive design, mobile users essentially have your whole website crammed onto a tiny screen. That means they have to scroll and zoom into tiny areas of your website’s screen to find information and then utilize hard to access links.

With responsive design, the user feels they’re dealing with an actual mobile-friendly site that provides a professional experience. This can help customers purchase products faster, read content in a comfortable manner, and help you ensure repeat visitors to your website.

The Promise of Responsive Design

As the manner by which we access the Internet broadens, it’s important to ensure your website is optimized accordingly. Responsive design will continue to adapt to new devices as they enter the market, underlining why it is a long-term investment that continually pays off.

CompuSmart solutions specializes in designing and implementing websites based on responsive design principles, which means you’ll be able to leverage our expertise to assure desirable results.