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July 21, 2015

shutterstock_271150745The following excerpt is from an article found on ThoughtWorks. It was written by Reyne Quackenbush.

Business  leaders are feeling under fire. As competition heats up, they must create stand-out digital experiences and engage customers across digital channels.

But creating the software that bring these digital experiences to life is easier said than done. So what’s the answer?

To find out, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to suervey over 200 business and IT professionals on how companies are designing, building, and maintaining customerfacing systems of engagement. The resulting study, “Drive Innovation with the Right Skills: The Value of Custom Software Development,” takes an in-depth look on how the software development landscape is chaning, what’s ahead, and what companies can do to adapt.

To delve further into the findings, ThoughtWorks hosted a Tweet Jam with Forrester Research analyst Jeffrey Hammond. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation.

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