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March 30, 2015

Business software development is about taking charge of a strategic vision and then building the software needed to support it. That means analyzing your business objectives and IT needs, and anticipating how your unique team of employees will interact with your software to accomplish their daily goals.

Understanding Your Business Software Development Needs

When developing custom software for your business, make sure that you collaborate closely with your software developer to outline your goals for the software and understand what your specific company needs are. An experienced software developer will help you understand which areas of your business can be improved through custom software development.

This may include increasing productivity, increasing efficiency and saving time, and overall earning what should be a considerable return on your investment. Below are a few concepts to keep in mind both when determining which company to retain and once embarking upon your project:

Defining a Clear Function

What does your custom software need to do? Should it help you coordinate and assign tasks to your employees? Help teams in different geographic locations collaborate? Or perhaps track different project budgets to ensure long-term goals are met? When working with a custom software developer, you must have a clear and distinct function in mind.

If you are unsure or confused about your exact needs, an experienced IT firm can help evaluate your business, find areas for improvement, and present effective, custom software solutions to rectify them.

Proper Budgeting

Unlike ready-made software, custom software is catered to your specific needs and should not be compromising in terms of satisfying them. While this undoubtedly improves productivity and efficiency, it does come at a cost. Make sure that you are up-front about your budget when working with a custom software development company and partner with one that will work to deliver the best value within these parameters.

In your discussions, you should explore any potential for improving upon your existing software or even using a ready-made product, which may be customizable, to suit your requirements. An honest evaluation of these scenarios should be front in center in your discussions with the developer during any selection process and before embarking upon any custom software project.

Designing Custom Software With People in Mind

Make certain that the firm you retain is expert at UI/UX design. When developing custom software, it’s crucial that your developer keeps form and function in mind through an efficiently built user interface (UI).  They must give equal attention to the user experience (UX) . Many custom software developers often neglect the fact that actual people need to use their finished product. It is not enough that the software looks great on screen; it must also be easy to navigate and learn. Effective custom software design takes UI/UX into account to deliver software that both has a visually appealing design and makes it easier for employees to complete the tasks at hand.

Using Agile Design

Agile design helps custom software development companies create projects that scale-up quickly, adapt to changing business dynamics, and stay within budget parameters. Agile designers capitalize on constant feedback from your organization to ensure that the finished product fits your needs and operations.

During an agile design process, select employees and managers will be asked to test and interact with the custom software before it’s completed. This hands-on experience provides your software developer with feedback and recommendations from individuals who will actively be using the software, enabling them to improve the product accordingly.

This process helps establishes an effective line of communication between you and your custom software developer, ultimately improving the quality and effectiveness of your finished product. It also helps ensure that time is spent efficiently on the features and functions that matter most.

Technology should support and help guide you towards your business goals, not distract from them. CompuSmart is a full-service IT company, specializing in efficient, trustworthy custom software development. They feature strong UI/UX design that achieves a smooth transition and improvement, which will be well received by your staff. Their goal is to mitigate and manage any of your IT and security challenges, before they take a toll on the profitability of your business.