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May 14, 2015

shutterstock_208387039An effective and user-friendly app can do wonders for a business, but all too often apps fall short. That’s why you should think about implementing these 10 mobile application features to improve user engagement for your own app.

The 10 Must Have Mobile Features

Offer Sharing Features

Allow users to share your app and app content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and e-mail icons. This will not only make your app more popular, but will leave users more connected to your company.

Offer User Support

Your app should have a FAQ, help section and an easy way to contact support if users have a question or problem with your app. This will keep users happy and give them the answers they need quickly.

Use Push Notifications

Your app should alert users about new offers, updates and other important information even when users aren’t signed into your app. It’s the type of information that will remind them just how great your app really is.

Make A Great First Impression

As soon as your app loads up, you want to be putting your best foot forward. Make sure that your app menu is aesthetically pleasing, navigation is easy, and users can find the information or features they want quickly.

Utilize Gamification

People love playing games and feeling that sense of achievement as they make their way through each level. The concept of gamification means turning your app into a sort of game. That might mean users earn points in your app that they can put towards product discounts, special offers, or simply in-app awards and recognitions. Use this gamification strategy and you’re almost guaranteed to see user engagement increase.

Make Your App Stand Out From Your Website

Your app shouldn’t just copy your website’s content and put it into an app. Add tools and other benefits that are unique to your app to keep users engaged and using your app on a daily basis.

Have Data Collection Features

Use your app to collect data on your users, including what features about your app they like the most, when they tend to use your app, and how often they use it. This data can help you improve features and add valuable updates.

Make Checkout Easy

If your app is built to sell products or services, make it easy for customers to make purchases or sales decisions right inside the app. This is a feature that won’t only make your app more user-friendly, but will also drive revenue for your company.

Keep Your App Simple

It might be tempting to load your app full of features, but think instead about offering quality over quantity to deliver real value. As your app matures, you can then think about adding extra features based on user feedback and your company’s growth strategy.

Utilize Cross-Channel Features

A smartphone app is a tool, but phones are loaded with other tools too. Think about interfacing your app with GPS to help users find store locations, use their smartphones to scan barcode labels, or have a “compare prices” feature that shows why you have the cheaper offer. This way, you’ll be leveraging the power of your phone’s capabilities to dramatically improve the user engagement.